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Let’s connect

Type d'outil : 
Energizer - Icebreaker
30-60 min
Sujets abordés: 
Group dynamics
Peer Education

To create a safe environment you need to get people to open up and voice out some of their biggest challenges and pains ; this create empathy and improve group dynamics if managed properly through addressing positive closure


It is an interactive tool for personal growth and learning based on peer to peer shared knowledge


It is the full journey that create the impact but it always works even in short sessions ; the room atmosphere or if it is outdoor that makes it better

Étape par étape: 

We start by grouping people on the prepared corners depending on their sign, they introduce themselves by choosing those they relate to
Back to seats in pairs the discuss their biggest disappointment and biggest Achievements
We introduce the my achievement card-My Bio

Matériel et ressources: 

Setup: only chairs (comfortable ones) in a half circle setup
Sign Cards - ready for discussions
My Bio - Aspiration Card


They will have a template that summarize who they are a sense of purpose, aspired future


The advantage is it always create the right vibes in the room , the disadvantage it requires more time if there is a lot of people

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