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your landscape

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Outil multimédia - Rapport
30-60 min
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Apprentissage interculturel

Your Landscape was designed especially for youngsters who are interested in strategic games. This educational game will allow them to improve their decision making skills,strategic thinking and risk taking competences by gettinginspiration from their own


•             Promote active citizenship •            Develop decision making skills •            Develop strategic thinking •            Conflict  management •            Promote the values of peace and democracy •            Team building •            Logical  thinking  •            Negotiation skills


1.Choose one Moderator for  the game (preferably    youth    worker/leader)The     task of the moderator (instructions for the moderator):              2.Create four   groups  - red,blue,green and yellow. The number of the  groups  should  be          equal.Give the Secret             Missions(cards)   to the   groups  according to       the chosen color      (at          the   beginning           of           the         game):Red     Group   Mission:You will create your      Empire Occupy maximum  of rich   and strategic territory  (The      land       that       you        are         going     to           occupy shouldbe        connected).Yellow               Group   Mission: You      are         sub-Saharans,   you        will         create   your      community        on  lands  that are    more     suitable   for  you        (The      land       you        are         going     tooccupy  should  be  connected).Green                Group   Mission: You      are emigrants   because              of           the         war        in            your      country. You are going           to           install    in            small     communities     in            the         land       units      youwant. (Staring                from      round   two you   will   have      the         possibility  to   buy   land   units. the  land  units that   you  will    buy    has   to   be          connected          to           your              occupiedterritory from the first round)Blue       Group   Mission:You       like climbing,     you        occupy the         most     strategic areas  for          you.       (The      land                that       you        are

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cards , the landscape card, epic music,fake money...




At the end of    the  game,the  Moderator   should  ask   the participants:                 •            How you feel?                 •            How  you  felt  during   the  game?   How      would   you  define  the   aim  of   the   game?                 •            How   was   your   cooperation   with   your      neighbors?                 •            How  was   your   cooperation    with   other    communities?                 •            Explain to  the    others  what  was   your      secret   mission?                  •            How      you    link   this   game    with       peace   and        active    citizenship?

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