From Universal to Personal

Type of tool: 
60-90 min
Topics addressed: 
Human rights
Social inclusion

With this activity we discuss about our Values and how we can communicate them to the World

Step by step process: 

1)The activity starts with a short presentation from the facilitator that introduces the meaning of Value and how we share them with eachother.
There are Values which are Universal, Love, Friendship or Peace are well known and recognized everywhere in the world by each of us, still we do express them in our Personal way, through our filters like backgrounds, culture, education etc.

2) After dividing the participants in smaller groups (4/5) they have a list of positive value (love, friendship, empathy, care, togetherness, peace, brotherhood etc.) they have to pick one to represent in a picture. They first have to share what is this Value for them and how would they represent it. Once they agree they can have fun taking the picture in a more or less creative way.

3) The debriefing goes along with showing the pictures:
-First we show the picture and the group guess which is the value. What made it recognizable and what not?
-Then we ask the group who took the picture how did they decide to represent in the way they did, what were the differences and the common elements between them.

This activity can be very suitable for groups with special needs or immigrants, express one’s feeling isn’t always easy, putting it in an image can facilitate the process.

Materials and resources: 

Cameras (one per group)

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