Transformative Learning with UnaVision

Type of tool: 
30-60 min
Topics addressed: 
Intercultural learning
Organisational management

The approach of transformative learning is suitable for groups who are together for longer periods of a couple of week or longer..The method supports change management of individuals and organisations on their path for sustainable development.


The process supports a systematic review of individual and group activities over a longer period of time. In regular group dialogs participants get to know own paradigms and attitudes and support change for a more resilient society.


The tool is rather a methodology or an approach to support and monitor cooperative and organisational learning. It disciplines ourselves for continious and breakthrough improvement and innovations. I can be used as a broader application for regional change mangement.

Step by step process: 

Creating a Vision, mission, objectives and approaches for the teams
Creating the Sociocratic Circle structure for organizing and implementing the approach
Planning of goals and activities,
Electing the coordinators and delegates
Implementing, reviewing and documenting the activities and results
Conduct regular learning dialogs, identify change and improvment opportunities and implement these
Celebrate improvements!

Materials and resources: 

We use an online database and documentation tool for our "knowledge management". This supports keeping of logbooks for protocols, decisions, problems and activities.
A number of tools (analysis, creativity, decision making, structuring, etc) support the process.


1) Systematic documentation of activities, problems and results
2) Possibility to make a long term analysis of approaches
3) Improvements on all levels of the approach
4) Final outcome is an improvement of the general approach, in our (UnaVision) case, that the next prototype of simulating a micro society will use relatively less resources and bring more content participants.


The tool requires a diciplined team who is applying it. The advantage is that it makes the "sustainable development" of our prototypes (trainings, workshops, NGOs, organization) more transparent.
We see a "Sociocratic structure" and "Transformational Learning" as very useful methodologies for a wide application for sustainable development. We have applied the approach on shorter terms in several countries and social environment and use it since 1,5 year at our first long term prototype in Germany.
But it takes time and resources to keep it up and see the long term results!

Notes for further use: 

We have applied part of the approaches for single workshops and Project Based Learning.
However the whole concept is more suitable for a long term organisational development.

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