Time line of a project

Type of tool: 
120+ min
Topics addressed: 
Project management

The tool helps participants identify elements in planning, thinking and talking about a project, as well as in implementing one.

Step by step process: 

Step 1:
Propose the different phases of the model on cards (one phase per note card, differently coloured note cards for each step) and put them on the floor.
Other colours for the definition of the titles.

After the introduction, participants take one/more cards each.

They have to agree on a common understanding of the different phases of the project.
They match definition and title.
They have to put all their elements in a right order and present the model (in a timeline or on the floor)
After, the team members reveal the model as it is presented in the T-KIT.

Debriefing after step 1: Question. Theoretical input.

Step 2: Editorial
By group of 5/6 participants, ask participants to write an editorial for a Youth Magazine. Title, drawings, headline, article, signatures.

Debrifing after step 2: Hang the editorial on the wall and ask reader’s feedback by post-it. Discussion.

Materials and resources: 

Titles prepared in one color paper, definition prepared in another color paper.
Flipchart. Marquers.
Models to take: T-KIT Project Management.

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