Street Caravan: Youth, resilience and non-formal education

Type of tool: 
60-90 min
Topics addressed: 
Intercultural learning
Prevention of radicalisation
Social inclusion

The Street Caravan is a socio-educational street animation tool, carried by young people, in process of re-affiliation. The aim is to support the resilience of young people through their involvement in strengthening the social bond (social cohesion).


The objectives of this socio-educational tool is to provide keys to understanding situations who can't be explained only in books: it must be experienced and put into practice...


The methodology will be participant-centered, based on non-formal education, experiential learning and intercultural learning; working methods will be diverse and interactive in order to ensure a balance between sharing, theory and practice.
The main activities will be: animation, workshops, guided self-reflection. Provision of information and referent documents will be used in order to meet participants learning preferences and the training learning objectives.

Materials and resources: 

Open and large space (min 30 sm)
Computer and projector
Board or flipchart


Outcomes - by the end of this course, participants will be able to:
have a deeper understanding of the mechanisms resilience in youth work field, especially to prevent the processes of radicalization and polarisation;
gain broader knowledge on the positive potential of vulnerability;
good practices to implement activities within their target groups;
communicate ideas and procedures for multiplying project results (or outcomes);
exchange of best practice;
awareness of personal strengths and weaknesses;
active listening;
non judgemental attitude;
be more confident to work with vulnerable groups;

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