Stop Motion for Social inclusion

Type of tool: 
60-90 min
Topics addressed: 
Social inclusion

Stop motion is a technique of animation used to make a physically manipulated object appear to move on its own. The goal of the tool is to show young people how to use this technique in creative way to promote human values and social inclusion.


This workshop aim to learn how to use the technique of stop motion in a creative way in order to develop social inclusion.


Peer learning, through team working, in order to create advertisements on social inclusion using stop motion technique.

The workshop will end with the presentation and discussion of stop motion advertisements created by the working groups.

Step by step process: 

- Brainstorming to define the technique of Stop Motion (board)
- Show examples of different ways of using the technique of stop motion. (projector, internet connection).
- Explain the technique of realization of stop motion (projector, internet connection).
- Brainstorming: How to use Stop motion to improve social inclusion?
- Work in groups of 3: creation of stop motion advertisements on the topic of social inclusion. (5 Cameras, 5 Laptop which movie maker program is installed, carton different colors,
Plasticine )
- Presentation and discussion of advertisements created by the groups. (projector, board)
- Showing one or two advertisements created by participants to the youth exchange "Roma need a support", carried by Solidarity tracks, explaining the background and outcomes of the project. (Projector)
- Evaluation of the Workshop

Materials and resources: 

Internet connection. Projector, board
5 Laptops from participants equipped with Movie Maker program.
5 camera from participants.
carton different colors


- Creation of five advertisements by participants using the technique of stop motion for promoting social inclusion.
- Generate innovative ideas between youth workers and to develop their inspiration in order to use the technique of stop motion in their youth work.


The evaluation of our tool will take 2 forms:
- Discussion with the participants about the advantages and limitations of this technique in youth work.
- Questionnaire about competences acquired, that each participant will fill it.

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