SIOB Creative tools for Social Inclusion

Type of tool: 
Multimedia tool – Report
30-60 min
Topics addressed: 
Social inclusion

SIOB toolkit, viral videos and virtual game-app have been developed to raise awareness for Social exclusion and give creative tools to educators for Social Inclusion by youth workers and social workers in 11 countries in Europe, Asia and Latin America.


To create innovative and easily sharable tools to promote social inclusion through creativity, especially among young people.


learning by doing * experiental learning * playful learning

Step by step process: 

SIOB Viral videos: present and provoke discussion with groups of (young) people on social InclusionSIOB Virtual Game: game / app should be downloaded on devices. (Young) poeople can play individually, or can play in a group setting, closed y a discussion/ debriefingSIOB Toolkit: This can be downloaded and used in various settings and with various targetgroups. Step by Step process ofall  these creative tools are explained in toolkit. 

Materials and resources: 

virtual game/ app: smartphone, tablet or computerToolkit: noneViral video: speakers, computer/ laptop, if projected for larger group: video projector,  


Tools have been developed with the outcomes forseen:(young) people are more aware on exclusion/ inclusion issues,discussions and dialogue on the topic od social inclusionunderstanding of how (young) people can act themselves to make changes towards social inclusion.professionals have social inclusion on the agenda and use these (creative) tools for social inclusion


yes it has been tested and evaluated. Some adaptations were done. Toolkit: creative methids have been tested in other settings or with other target groups.Virtual game/app: Tool has been tested by all partners of SIOB project, and by many young people in multiplier event in Hanoi. Some adaptatios have been made. Tools have been easily sharable and used in very different contexts, target groups, environments. 

Notes for further use: 

I would like to present these tools on the Tool market of Toolfair XI all tools are available / downloadable on:

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