Sexual Identity

Type of tool: 
30-60 min
Topics addressed: 
Gender issues

Sexual Identity is yet to be known in many countries and continents. Let's have a look on it's different dimensions and its continuum. Easy documents to have a first overview about Sexual Identity.


Facing stereotypes and prejudices about all aspects of the Sexual Identity, promoting inclusion.


discovery based learning

Step by step process: 

In the pdf files you'll find the explanation of the Gender and Sexual Identity in a very easy way. The process depends on the activity you want to build up, how you want to use the materials. But here's an idea:
1. Introduce activity (see example below). 2. Starting with the umbrella handout, address the difference between the L,G,B, and T, highlighting how the LGB represent marginalized sexualities, while the T represents marginalized gender identities 3. Move to the genderbread handout walking people through gender identity, expression, and sex using continua and proper labels. 4. Explain how each aspect of gender is independent of one another, and then move to talking about sexual and romantic attraction. Example introduction: ​ We commonly lump a lot of letters together when we talk about the queer community: LGBT is the most common, but it’s often extended out to things like LGBTQQIAATS, sometimes people get inventive and spell things like QUILTBAG, and so on. There are always pros and cons to everything, but there are also some specific issues that come up when we equate “gay rights” with “LGBT rights,” as is often done in the news.

Materials and resources: 

You need to know the documents listed below and to get a -at least!- basic knowledge on the topic (machism, LGBT+, feminism, transfeminism, eteronormativism, omobitransphobia) + having acknowledge (and not deny) your own prejudices and stereotypes.


I expect people coming out with a new different emphaty and baggage of knowledge about own prejudices and stereotypes, society's machism and eteronormatism, feeling more free in expressing themselves and supportive to others, being more open to diversity and sensible to LGBT+ rights


Please check the disadvantages of Genderbread Person (that you find here: on the Gender Unicorn website: (at the bottom of the page, below the draw)

Notes for further use: 

Need to be confident with the topic and with your own prejudices/stereotypes. Need to be ready to answer possible against-ideas.

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