Programme Flow

Type of tool: 
0-30 min
Topics addressed: 
Group dynamics

The tool introduces participants in an interactive way to the programme.

Step by step process: 

Usually the programme is distributed in form of a grid to the participants. For this exercise put each session on an A4 Paper and spread it over the floor in the shape of a river.

Stand with the participants at the beginning of your programme and slowly move with them through the programme explaining what the different sessions aim at.
When you will have arrived at the end of the journey ask them some questions like:
· What are the sessions which attract you most?
· What are the sessions which attract you least?
· What are the questions you would like to get clarified more?
Participants should move to the corresponding sessions. You might want to ask them to explain their choice.

You can also prepare small arrows on which participants can write their potential contributions or their requests to the programme. This way you get aware of resources you have in the group or which points you should take care of to tackle during the sessions.

Try to find space in your plenary room to stick the programme flow on the wall in order to have it visible throughout the week.

Materials and resources: 

Giant programme and Giant days,
papers shaped in form of an arrow,
enough space.

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