NGOs’ exhibition

Type of tool: 
90-120 min
Topics addressed: 

Grouped in trios participants present in a dynamic way their organisations, noting differences and similarities.

Step by step process: 

Preparation in trios - 45 min

Form trios. Every trio should present the organizations of each of the trio’s members in a dynamic way finding a situation that you can invent (i.e. imaging to be in a cafeteria and to speak about mutual organizations).

Each participant should prepare a visual presentation using flipchart or posters and materials to decorate the frame you want to build for the presentation. Each organisation should have a poster. This poster should include at least following points:

•A symbol of his/her organization;
•The city/country where his/her organisation is located;
•Keywords describing aims and activities;
•Target group;
•Participant's role in the organization.

Plenary presentation – 1h 15min

Every trio perform its show for 5 minutes.

Materials and resources: 

- Promotion materials of the organizations (leaflets, brochures, posters, etc).
- Chairs, tables, papers, markers etc.
- Each participant receives a hand-out with the main points on which he/she should concentrate when preparing the presentation.

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