Methodology Mix and Match

Type of tool: 
0-30 min
Topics addressed: 
Peer Education

A tool for encouraging participants to develop an understanding of the different methodological processes in a training course in the context of non-formal education


To encourage understanding about the different methodological approaches used in a non-formal education context


Collaborative and cooperative learning
Discovery based learning
Peer learning

Step by step process: 

Divide the larger group into groups of 4
Each group receives a set of 10 images and 10 words
As a group they must match the words and images and have a reason for each image and word match
After 15min the whole group comes back to plenary
One group at a time gives an example of an image and a word and why this combination
In the plenary the other groups can say if they agree or not and it can be discussed further and/or clarified - link to Learning to Learn

Materials and resources: 

Sets of the 10 stick figure drawings and words need to be produced - and for multiple uses they should be plastified / laminated


Participants are introduced to non-formal learning approaches and learning to learn
Participants begin discussions about how they might be engaged in learning in the training course


Because it is a game, for some participants it becomes a competition to complete as fast as possible, usually with one person in the group making all the decisions without including the others in the process
While there is a correct combination of images and words, it actually does not matter if the groups are right or wrong with a combination, it is more important they discussed what this approach means for them and their learning
Some participants focus on whether they got the combinations right or wrong, not on the content of the discussions

Notes for further use: 

The size of the small group is up to an individual trainer, i like the group size of 4 because it allows for good discussions

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