Metaphorical cards "Shadows"

Type of tool: 
60-90 min
Topics addressed: 
Peer Education
Personal development
Social inclusion

Tool contains 56 metaphorical cards for discussing "hard topics" - hard emotions, depression, loss, violence, traumatic experience etc.. Tool created for individual work, work at groups. Also for staff at supervisions and co-visions.


Main aim of the tool is to give visual, metaphorical stimuli for recognizing and discussing hard topics, attitudes, stereotypes and prejudices, decrease an anxiety about these topics.


Metaphorical cards are quite flexible at use. In the process youngsters can discover some themes, learn from peers, explore own reactions and thoughts. 

Step by step process: 

confidentiality etc.Then, you can chose to work at one group or to divide to smaller groups. So, you will need cards sets for each group. If you need, give to group paper and markets to make notes.  Third, you can offer topics from your group needs - to explore some ideas, to share opinions, to share emotions etc. Give some time for people to choose cards which describes their thoughts, opinions, and experiences ets. Give time for each person to tell own story about card/cards.

Materials and resources: 

For implementing tools is necessary at least one full cards set of 56 cards for one group. If big group is divided into smaller groups we need cards set for each group.  Also you can use paper and markers to fix thoughts or ideas.


At educational process tool will help people to decrease anxiety related to hard topics which are not often discussed. It will help to get support and to find resources for emotions coping. It also leads to better acting at social and personal life, helps to be in contact with deeper feeling, accept different opinions and diversity.


Advantages: tool can be used for wide age range, it is based on visual stimuli, so it also can be used in different cultures.  For limits I can mention mood of group, before use tool, we need to create safe environment and to prepare group for work with tool. 

Notes for further use: 

a) at Tool Fair I am going to implement tool.b) duration of workshop: 1h30mc) i am already used similar tools, not this. 

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