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Type of tool: 
90-120 min
Topics addressed: 
Gender issues

On the base of different stereotyped images participants reflect and discuss about the different ways the images can be perceived by people of different cultures or religions.

Step by step process: 

1. Trainers enter the room dressed up. They propose to participants to prepare in groups a kind of questionnaire. With this questionnaire they will interview the trainers to find out about “their image and real content”.

2. Afterwards, participants start working on the image of men and women in media. Trainers show to participants different photos, one by one, about stereotyped images man/woman, changing roles man/woman, culture influence images man/woman, and exploitation of the image of women in adverts… As soon as participants see one photo they are asked to write very fast words or comments on them.

3. After showing the pictures, pax are invited to open the discussion first in small groups, to see the differences on the perceptions of the same image.

4. Then in plenary there is a short debriefing with the main ideas with one representative from each small group)

Further questions for debrifing/evaluation:
- Did anyone change their mind during the course of the discussion?
- If so, which were the arguments that convinced them?
- Why do people hold different opinions?
- How did religion influence their points of view?
- Why in some Arab countries these photos are shown with no consequences?

Materials and resources: 

Photos, videos, A4 colour paper, pens, markers.

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