Learning contract

Type of tool: 
30-60 min
Topics addressed: 
Group dynamics

Working in a multicultural environment can be a real challenge! It is important to establish a learning and working contract within the group. Having a common set of "rules" and "values" mutually understood creates a safe learning environment.


For Participants to learn mutual respect and understanding as well as individual responsibility within the group.

Step by step process: 

60 seconds exercise-5 min
Aim:To see that perception of time could be different. To have a common agreement on time management.
Description: Ask participants to stand, close eyes. Ask them to, as silently as possible, sit down when they think 60 seconds have past. Then they can open their eyes. Discussion about time and make a common agreement on how we should manage time during this TC. Is time the same for all? Cultures? Individuals? How could we manage a group like this?
At the end, the team explained how important it is to have everybody involved at the same level in all the sessions of the programme and how important their individual involvement is for the group process.

Group Contract–20 min
The group is divided into small groups. They all have a flipchart and some markers. They are going to be asked to write down a list to follow during the week, taking into account that they need to be fair for everybody and realistic. Back in plenary a list of the rules is written down to be present in the room during the whole length of the Seminar.

The trainer in charge of this activity defines the Euromed acronym STAR with the help of participants to talk about the values needed in the Euromed activities.

Materials and resources: 

- A watch;
- Flip Chart and Markers.


Summarise –5 min
The trainer again summarises all the mentioned points during the activities and the differences between rules and values.

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