Human geographic map

Type of tool: 
30-60 min
Topics addressed: 
Group dynamics

An activity to foster participants getting to know each other through the places they come from and the places they moved to.

Step by step process: 

In the room, each participant finds his/her residence place in concordance with the others and the general direction given by the compass.
When everybody has found his/her place, one by one, each participant says his/her name, where he/she lives and describes his/her travel from home to the place of the training course. At the same time, he/she moves from his/her place joining the destination and explaining how he/she arrived, and what was happening during the travel.

Materials and resources: 

a compass drawn on a paper,
some geographical knowledge :-)
enough space.

Notes for further use: 

Tips and suggestions: This method can be used at the beginning of a group process without risk.

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