How to talk to young people about sexual violence and grooming.

Type of tool: 
90-120 min
Topics addressed: 
Gender issues
Human rights

In this activity participants will test "discussion cards" which are developed to help youth work professionals and volunteers to talk to and with young people about sexual violence and grooming.


Youth Workers have expressed that sexual violence and sexual grooming are topics that are difficult to discuss about with young people. These cards (as part of a larger tool box) are developed to be used so that youth workers would have easier to discuss about these topics.


Discussion cards are part of larger tool box which is developed to raise awareness about sexual violence and grooming. This toold box will be available for youth workers online and printed. Tool box includes also information on these phenomenon.

Step by step process: 

In this situation we will first explain about the project that developed these cards, explain the terms and also how to use the cards.

Materials and resources: 

To run this activity we will need tables and chairs to participants who we will divide in groups of 4-5 person. Each group should have one mobile divice and flip chart for comments and feedback.


- Participants will understand the terms
- Participants will understand and experience how to use the discussion cards


We will collect feedback from the participants as part of the activity as the tool box and all the tools, also these discussion cards, are under development.

Notes for further use: 

Please ask for more information if needed.
it was very difficult to choose a topic to this activity.

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