Type of tool: 
Energizer - Icebreaker
30-60 min
Topics addressed: 

There is one outstanding feature of successful teams: the team members can rely on each other. However, for many people it is difficult to let go. Gumizela enables your delegates to physically feel the support of the team.Elastic band is very easy to use.


Team Building, giving feedback, reflecting, energizer


outdoor education, experiental learning

Step by step process: 

There are a lot of games in Gumizela.

Roundabout: people stand within the stretched Gumizela. Each person supported by the tool Suddenly, one person changes position by running and letting themselves fall into the material. Then the next person starts. As soon as the group has developed a feeling of stability and rhythm the trainer can increase the pace and dynamics of the movements.

Microcosm: In a training session, moments of intense and emotion may be encountered. For this, you need a space that is safe and secure. Up to 28 people can stand or sit in Gumizela. Lean back, feel the team support and discuss your issues.

Catarpillar: the goup is standing in the Gumizela and moves forward like a wheel in a skid (snow-) chain. Needs some practice.

Materials and resources: 

Elastic lycra band, safe place for running (field of grass or conference room with a carpet). Please make sure there are no obstacles in the way of your delegates (especially out of doors, trees, stones, roots etc.). If possible, participants should wear sturdy shoes. For safety reasons, we advise you not to wear clothes with
slippery surfaces (rain coats etc.).


Joy, increased confidence in a group, good atmosphere for reflections/debriefing.


You need space for nice games and exercises in Gumizela, what can be disadvantages. In very dynamic games there is risk potential that you have to take into account. Gumizela is not easy to clean.

Notes for further use: 


There is no closed catalogue of games. Trainers and groups often inventing their own games.

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