FullFeel My Needs - a card game to practice the vocabulary of feelings and needs for Nonviolent Communication

Type of tool: 
30-60 min
Topics addressed: 
Intercultural learning
Personal development

The non- violent giraffes got lost in between feelings and needs. Help them to understand and be understood. Find all the giraffes of your herd (blue or red) on the field board.
Be careful with the jackal.
The aim: Discover the location of your giraffe.


The aim is to practice nonviolent communication.


The idea to create the game comes from gamification approach. The content of the game is based on the Nonviolent Communication model developed by Marshall Rosenberg.

Step by step process: 

Game flow:

Leaders sit opposite to the rest of their team members. The leaders receive the code cards. The code cards define the team that starts. Each team has a turn to roll the dice and give a clue. The number on the Dice of expression indicate one of 5 ways of expression:

1.- One word - Using only one word.
2.- Miming - Only with movement and without using sounds.
3.- Sculpture - Shape the body expression of a neutral person.
4.- Drawing - Draw in a post-it size paper without numbers or letters.
5.- Sound - Using only sound *(team members should have their eyes closed).
6.- Free choice (1- 5)

A clue may relate to multiple words on the table. The team members try to guess which feelings and/or needs the leader meant. After consulting with the team and making the decision, a team member touch the chosen card. After being touched the leader must reveal the secret identity of the selected card. If the guess is correct, the team can continue guessing, until they run out of ideas for the given clue or until they hit a wrong card. Then it is the others team’s turn to roll the dice.

The game finishes when one team find all the giraffes or when one of the players touches the jackal card or when the time run out (10 minutes per team {optional}).

Decision making:
No body or face language is allowed during the decision making process. The team players indicate their official guess when one of them touches one of the cards with feelings and/or needs.

If the player touches a card belonging to his/her own team, the leader cover the feeling/need with a giraffe in that color (red / blue). The team can continue guessing (but they don’t receive more clues).
If the player touches an observer, the leader cover the feeling/need with an observer card (beige). This ends the turn.
If the player touches a card belonging to the other team, the feeling/need is covered by one of the other’s team coulou card. This ends the turn.
If the player touches the jackal card, the feeling/need is covered with the jackal card (black). This is the end of the game!. The team that contacted the jackal card loses.

Materials and resources: 

The game set consist of:
- Field board.
- Green cards with feelings.
- Pink cards with needs.
- 9 red and 9 blue cards of giraffes.
- 1 black card of jackal.
- 7 beige cards with observers.
- Dice
- Timer
- Code cards


The expected outcome for the players is raising awareness about Nonviolent Communication and increasing the capacity of the players to express feelings and needs in a team.


The game has been tested several times with random adult players.
Improvments already implemented.
Advantage : could be used in any type of groups/targets and be translated to the language wanted.
Alternative rules could be applied for expert players
Disadvantage : could be chaotic for more than 12 players.

Notes for further use: 

Link to download the game as it is now:

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