Facilitating sport and peace session using sport-based games

Type of tool: 
60-90 min
Topics addressed: 

Sport is a tremendous way to bring children and youth together for the purposes of
of peace building, life skills education and behavioral change. This method explains how to use it through carefully planned and facilitated sport and peace session


As long as our focus is peace building, we use this tool as an entry point for peace building and conflict
transformation. Tool helps to create the fun and inclusive environment where participants can experience specific principle (e.g. acceptance, trust, cooperation) that can support conflict transformation


outdoor education

Step by step process: 

Introduction - introduce the session to participants and explain how sport and sport-based
games can be used as a tool for peace. Provide participants with an overview of what will be done during the session and what will be the main objective.
Warm Up - activities that help participants get to know each other and develop group cohesion. This part aims to prepare muscles for the types of movements that participants will perform during the main part of the session (Material needed: whistle)
Main Activity - activities according to the objectives of the session (materials needed: 3 balls, masking tape)
Cool Down - low intensity activities to help the body recover and cool down (materials needed: whistle)
Wrap Up - emphasize the lessons learned and key points of the session linking to the session objectives

Materials and resources: 

* venue for physical activities
* whistle
* 3 balls
* masking tape


* Understand how sport and sport based games can be adapted and used for the purpose of peace building and life skills education
* participants know better each other
* participants hear and learn different perspectives of the same thing
* participants reflect of the process and draw parallels to their real lives

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