Euromed meditation

Type of tool: 
0-30 min
Topics addressed: 

A tool that fosters reflection on the EuroMed reality as a political dimension and a psychological one.

Step by step process: 

Make the atmosphere really cozy by introducing music in the place
And start very slowly but surely read the text like the following example:

Now I am here
In Slovakia
Enjoying the snow and the woods
Dreaming of the sun and the beach

On my new EuroMed journey
Not yet know where it will take me
Confronted to Europeans and Mediterraneans
But what does it mean to me
Now I have made my first steps
But what exactly attracts me?
Curiosity to meet persons from different cultures
Taste different cultures
Breath freedom
Live friendship
Encourage recognition
All equal all different
United in diversity
So now what is EuroMed for me, what do I expect to gain from this?

After you finish, ask the participants to be back again in one circle.
Ask the participants to be divided into groups of up to 5 participants to discuss how it was for them reflecting on their personal relation to EuroMed.
Each group has to be back into the plenary with a presentation feeding back how it went in the group.

Materials and resources: 

Slow music

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