Euro-Med Context Puzzle

Type of tool: 
60-90 min
Topics addressed: 

The tool introduces participants to the EuroMed context and facilitates their interaction on key themes connected to the Mediteranean area, at the same time valuing how they relate to it.

Step by step process: 

Preparation: draw the shape of the Mediterranean on a flip chart paper. On the other side write all the key words as indications for the session: Barcelona declaration, the different partnerships, the two dimensions, key actors, examples of the initiatives of the partnerships and the financial resources.
By using another flip chart paper, try to create small windows that cover these key words to be tackled one by one during the session. After preparing the windows cut the Mediterranean shape into pieces (according to the number of the participants).

2.a. Me and the Mediterranean: each participant receives a piece of the puzzle where they are invited to write on this piece how they relate themselves to the Mediterranean and what does it mean to them. The second step is putting the pieces of the puzzle together (in the first side the shape of the Mediterranean with the different comments will appear and the second side the key words will appear as indications for the session flow)
2.b. Input on the Euro-Med context: following the sequence that you prepare, open the windows one by one, where you will find the key words for the input. Provide the participants with the hand outs on the Euro-Med context.

Materials and resources: 

Flip chart, colours, pens, map and space for hanging the results.

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