E. M. Goldratt's The Pre-requisite Tree

Type of tool: 
30-60 min
Topics addressed: 
Conflict management
Organisational management

The aim is to find the way with small group of people to find solution for irresolvable problem. Five steps to find solution will be exercised in workshop.


To help participants to find a solution for difficult problem.


There will be a simulation of using the method.

Step by step process: 

Participants sit in a U-circle, the flipchart in front. (chairs, flipchart board)
The problem will be agreed in the group.
1. Set the dream/ the best solution or situation you wish to have on topic. (marker, flipchart)
2. Find all obstacles why you can't catch the aim. (sticky notes)
3. Turn those obstacles vice versa - into objectives. (sticky notes with another color)
4. Find the activities for each objective to achieve it. (sticky notes with the third color)
5. Pirotities the activities, and objectives. Write all in separate memo-sticks to move them during the process. It takes 20-30 minutes to for exercise, might take the all day for finding real solutions for real difficulties.

Materials and resources: 

Flipchart, marker, three blocks of sticky note papers (medium size) with three different colors, wall sticker.


Solution or agreed problem.


Feedback will be asked from participants in the end of the workshop/ session.

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