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Multimedia tool – Report
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European programmes
Personal development
Voluntary service

The main aim of these courses is to ease your experience and to gain some specific knowledge about topics created for them. You can use this educational platform anywhere, whenever you have access to the Internet. In every course you will be supported by e-mentors, who can help you with your learning experience.


E-learning platform with online courses (3 groups: EVS Lifecycle, EVS Activities, EVS Skills) and e-mentors responsible for each online course; lessons, reading materials, quizzes, forums and a certificate at the end of each online course.

We have covered most of the relevant topics:
- before starting the EVS (i.e. what is EVS, how to involve yourself in the programme,
what to expect and how to make the best of it, etc.);
- during the EVS (i.e. how to communicate with other cultures, how to communicate
properly, how to involve yourself in projects, how to manage intercultural differences,
ideas on conducting various kinds of activities related to your project, etc.);
- after the EVS (i.e. how to find a job, how to use your experience in real life and
information about other ERASMUS opportunities, etc.).

Step by step process: 

In order to have access to the platform, you should register first.Then enroll to one of the online courses. If you have any questions related to the topic of your course, there will be an e-mentor to help you.

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