DixIt Yourself! cards

Type of tool: 
30-60 min
Topics addressed: 
Intercultural learning
Personal development
Social inclusion

The package of cards was created during the training course "DixIt Yourself", by turning personal stories about different aspects of interculturality (e.g. Me and the Other, Go closer- curiosity, Diversity, Ambiguity) into visual form.


To promote the importance of creativity; to discover and understand the deeper aspects of intercultural competences that are developed through storytelling, improvisation and visual art.
All of these cards are based on participants' personal stories form the field of interculturality and different aspects of intercultural meetings, like "Me and the Others", Go closer! - curiosity, Diversity, Ambiguity. We wish to use these cards with so much joy and passion as we experienced during the creation process; with the help of our cards to discover the opportunities of intercultural meetings, creative associations and stories behind. The cards can be used in different training situation, especially connected to the topic interculturality.


This tool is not an example of specific methodology, but this tool can be usefull in promoting visual art and storytelling in youth work.

Step by step process: 

Description of the process:
Facilitator describes the tool
Share Dixit cards among the participatns
Ask the to pick two cards which will represent them durring one international youth project
One card will represent participants fellings/behavior or expirience on the begining of the international youth project
Second card will represent them on the end of the same project
Facilitator will ask participants to think about their fellings/behavior or expirience
The tool is based on story telling process
Every participant will have opportunity to explain why he/she pick those card and to connect their fellings/behavior or expirience with the image on the card
At the end, participants will share their conclusion about the tool and suggest where tool can be improve.

Materials and resources: 



To share personal expirience during international youth projects
To promote a storytelling as tool in international youth projects
To promote visual art as tool in international youth projects
To upgrade presentation skills of participants
To get new ideas about projects
To establish partnership among organizations


The disadvantages of the tool can be:
The participants in the tool are not good in story telling

Notes for further use: 

Tool can be upgraded, with new images on the cards.

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