Dice Game

Type of tool: 
60-90 min
Topics addressed: 
Intercultural learning
Social inclusion

Dice game is an interactive method to uncover topics of cultural differences, adaptation, integration in new society, readiness to be open toward new experience and openness to accept people with different backgrounds. It consists of game and debriefing.


Is to explain cultural differences and understand which actions need to be taken while you are in a new country, culture, society, group, etc.


It can be counted as a simulation game but here no roles are distributed everyone chooses how they want to act.

Step by step process: 

1. Min number of 16 participants
2. Groups get divided into 4 groups of 4 people in each and sit around separate tables
3. Each group gets instruction and one dice (the instruction need to be collected after 5 minutes)
4. A group plays 4 rounds or more (each round lasts 4-5 minutes) and no one is allowed to talk after each round person with the biggest number of chips change their table. None knows that each table has different rules and only the ones who change the table realize it, the process is focused on the way how they behave and what is the behavior of the people around the table regarding the new person.
5. Deep debriefing to discuss the whole process and transmit it to real life and see what this exercise made us understand.

Materials and resources: 

Soft and large size dices (I will bring)
Tables and chairs
A4 paper and markers
Speaker for music


Participants will:
- Discover cultural differences and how to deal with them;
- Learn the adaptation, integration in new society, country, group of people, etc.;
- Practice readiness to be open toward new experience/ changes and openness to accept people with different backgrounds.


This tool should have enough time for reflection, as everyone wants to talk. At some point, someone might drop out of the game on own will which is also normal and can lead to deeper reflection.

Notes for further use: 

To have the right number of participants, a wide space for chairs and tables.

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