CUDSA model

Type of tool: 
30-60 min
Topics addressed: 
Conflict management

This is a tool to approach and manage conflict situations among volunteers or between the volunteer(s) and the organisation (UPLOADED docs and further explanation in Workshop Description!)


Searching for a win-win solution of the conflict wherever possible trough cooperation and understanding of/between the two parts.


problem solving

Step by step process: 

We are going to analyse the different steps of the model: confront the behaviour, understand each other's positions, define the problem, search for a solution, agree upon the best solution.
We'll analyse real situations or we'll create one.

Materials and resources: 

a chart and markers in case I decide to write down notes.


Participants will learn a new way of dealing with the conflict (for those who don't know this model yet) and they'll be motivated to discuss and reflect about other models/techniques too in order to exchange good practices


We aim the cooperation. This means that we need to practice active learning and not to take the side of one of the parts in the conflict. It is not always easy to apply this method and find a win-win solution, even more when we are or feel personally touched by the situation or when our leadership is not very healthy. Moreover, in some organizations we are not the only ones dealing with the problem and the two parts, but we also might need to answer to higher positions and rules or needs of the organisation. Sometimes the problem can affect more than two parts too, and finding the solution might take longer. Also, dealing with an organization leads to not always getting to a win-win solution.

Notes for further use: 

we might work in one group on one situation or in small groups on different situations.
I also bring with me some documents (Policy and Handbooks, ESC advertisements and blurb and explaination, Calendar of absence...) i've written in order to give a better support to volunteers. These documents are for reference only, we are not going through those, but people can have a look and ask me or open a conversation about it in another moment.

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