Crisis Management

Type of tool: 
60-90 min
Topics addressed: 
Conflict management
Intercultural learning

The participants are confronted with a crisis situation to which they have to try together to propose a solution, after having made an individual reflection on themselves regarding their limits and way of dealing with stress.

Step by step process: 

Individual work (15 minutes): The first phase of this case study will be reserved for an individual reflection about the situation. On the handout participants will find some guiding questions.

Team meeting (30 minutes): After that the team members will meet to discuss about the case and how to solve it. They should try to agree upon a common way to handle it.

Group Discussion (45 minutes): after matching the needs with the offers, each group should present their results according to the following: satisfied needs, unsatisfied needs, similarities and differences within the group and with different groups. The presentation should be followed by a group discussion.

What solutions do you recommend to these crises and conflicts appearing in this project? What would you do in this situation?
Which was the part of compromises, consensus, sacrifices within the group ?
Were there leaders natural, imposed, hidden?
Which was the each one’s involvement in discussion and decision making?
Were there conflicts ?
What was the role of ICL (Intercultural Learning) in decision making process?
Which was the influence of the cultural composition of teams upon decision making?
Did you notice differences of professional cultures from one country to another ?
Would have you worked differently in a more “familiar” context? (only national, only European, only Mediterranean)
Did you adapt your way of thinking or acting to the team’s typology?

Materials and resources: 

A copy of the Hand outs for each participant

Notes for further use: 

Some participants can observe the team meeting and report on this during the group discussion.
With bigger groups you can have several teams working in different rooms.

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