Type of tool: 
60-90 min
Topics addressed: 
Intercultural learning

Creative drama is an improvisational, non-exhibitional, process-oriented kind of drama and participants are guided by a leader to imagine, enact, and reflect on their experiences real and imagined.


Using creative drama for training successful way to achieve the goal of raising participants, curiosity, interest in different subjects and helping them eventually to become educative literate citizens.


There are several techniqs/methods/games used in creative drama appications.

Example for methods: Cooperative learning, outdoor education, Inquary based learning, Group learning and so on.

Example for techniqs: Rol cards, improvisions, rol playing, ritual and so on.

Example for games: Mirror game, Touch games, The seasons, Attaching by Body Parts, Setting, Chair Adventure and so on.

Step by step process: 

In this activity we have three steps. These are: preparing-heating stage, improvisation stage and assessment stage.

1-Preparing stage: There are several games and activities are used in this stage. This stage is first step within the course for participants. The aim of this stage is to prepare participants for learning process, encourage them for communication in group members and to introduced each other for themselves.

2-Improvisation stage: This stage is second stage within the creative drama discipline. There can be used some methods/techniqs during improvisation. Role playing, role cards, ınto the role of leader, animation and so on. After this stage the participants will have learnt/realised main concepts/issues/subjetcs which is aimed to learnt for participants.
3-Assessment: This stage is last session for creative drama. Participants evaulate themselves and process in this stage. If participants have any misconcepitons in the scope of taught subject it is corrected by leader and by other participants. Therefor the creative drama course ends after this stage.

Materials and resources: 

It is recommended 20 or 25 participants for this tool for well-qualified activity.
It can be used some musics during creative drama process. Farid Farjad musics, motions music types, Kitaro's World of Music, desperado (name of song) and so on.


On the base of my experience Creative drama provides for participants in the scope of and expected outcomes after workshops:
*Providing creativity and aesthetic development,
*Develop critical thinking skills,
*Improving communication skills,
*Develop problem-solving skills,
*Imagination development,
*Develop listening skills,
*Empathy skills development,
*In individual; group scheduling, group decision making, the ability to produce new solutions development.


Providing creativity and aesthetic development,
Develop critical thinking skills,
Improving communication skills,
*Develop problem-solving skills,
Imagination development,
Develop listening skills,
Empathy skills development,
In individual; group scheduling, group decision making, the ability to produce new solutions development.
Disadvantages: I've been using this discipline since 2012. So, I haven't seen any disadvanteges of this discipline. But leader of creative drama has to know his/her participants well before course/activitiy. If not there can be seen some problems during process. For example; if leader does not watch out his/her participants or if he/she does not prepare course process well; participants can be bored during drama process, they can not want to proceed the process, they can have some copmplains and so on.
Limits: Every creative drama workshops participants with limits. It can not be exceeded number of participants for well-qualified process. Place is very important where participants have creative drama workhops as well. The tools are whics used during course process have to be ready before course start.

Notes for further use: 

Creative drama is adopted easily in many different fields. Creative drama is used mainly in formal and non-formal education as well. Creative drama not only used with these but also it is used with theatre and different sector which comes daily life. Because creative drama has many different kind of activities/games/methods/techniqs. But it should be very careful during adopting activities/games/methods/techniqs since is going to have well-qualified learning process.

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