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Type of tool: 
90-120 min
Topics addressed: 

These flashcards provide the opportunity to youth workers and leaders to implement various activities which help to enhance the communication between the members of their youth group. Moreover, these flashcards help skills,values and abiltiies to be used.


The aim of the flashcards is to help youths gain different skills and enhance already owned ones. A clear example is that of the activity similar to Simon says where the youth leader tells participants to repeat what he does and when he makes a mistake on purpose and does a different action then the one he said, participants will notice that they are not all doing the same action. This will be followed by a discussion which highlights the importance of verbal and non-verbal communication and how messages can be mixed up if one of these types of communication is not good.


This tool is used to gain and enhance skills which youths need for social interaction and employability. all this is done through a hands on approach in which the youths are motivated and interested to participate in, unlike moe theoretical methods that can be used to learn. it is also posssibe to vary the methodology beween outdoors, peer learning, team building etc. depending on the aactivity being done.

Step by step process: 

Depending on the activity being used from the tool once again the youth leader needs to adapt however most of the activities involve a task, game or activity which is then followed by a discussion in which participants process what had happened.

Materials and resources: 

Once again due to the fact that this is a pack of flashcards and it provides different activity ideas, it always depends on the one being implmented however te main resources needed would be very basic such as: -Pack of Flashcards-Papers-Pen-Chairs-Tape-Cloths


-better communication-better interaction-better teamwork-new skills are gained-better self-esteem-new knowledge 


The tool was very successful when used and presented in the Maltese national tool fair. We were able to give a pack for free to each youth worker/leader present at the event and they really appreciated. Moreover, we had just tested and presented 2 activities from the whole pack and in my opinion they have been successful and motivated participants to have fun while taking part. 

Notes for further use: 

In case of the need to divide mmbers i ggroups make sure to mix them up so everyone gets the chqance to get to know more people.Moreover, it is also helpful to keeep good time management so that you have enough time to process what happened and get feedback of feelings from all prticipants. it iss thorugh the processing where you help the members ti understand better and improve in something so it should be given utmost importance.

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