Blind Square

Type of tool: 
60-90 min
Topics addressed: 
Personal development

Very powerful activity to define a roles within team.
To analyze leadership (active/passive) behavior.
To analyze strong and weak sides of team members.


Define role within team.


Learning by doing, learning by playing

Step by step process: 

1. Every co-trainer takes his/her ct-team to outside on the playing field.
2. All the group stand in that way that they have a circle of 5/6 metre of working space
3. All the participants get a blind fold
4. If all the blindfolds are put on than the ct-team got to stand in a circle, shoulder to shoulder face to face.
5. If the trainer puts the rope in the circle the co-trainer gives the ct-group the instructions.
6. Each co-trainer will guide his/her one group.
7. The co-trainer doesn't interfere with the process, only when the trainer tells him/her specifically
8. The co-trainer takes care of the safety of the participants
9. If a Ct-group thinks they are ready the co-trainer calls the trainer
10. Only when the trainer gives is OK the assignment is finished
11. The co-trainer leads the reflection by giving every member time to tell his/her experience.
12. The co-trainer involves in the reflection by mentioning moments of decision-making and what was happening. Give back what you saw and heard, only facts now interpretations.
13. Talk about the co-operation, the action each trainee put in (did he / she do a lot, or was he / she standing still). What was the experience of the trainee?

Listen very well, here are you instructions

• With this rope you have to make a exact square
• The four sides have to be equal
• All the sides have to be at least 6 meters
• In every corner there has to stand a group member how holds the rope
• Precisely in the middle there has to stand the fifth member of your group. (If there is a sixth member he/she stands also in the middle)
• The rope has to stay in one piece
• You have to use the hole rope
• If you take of your blindfold you have to start all over again
• This process is only accomplished when the trainer tells you have accomplished the process

Materials and resources: 

7 Ropes of 30 meters
Playing field


raised level of self-awareness
100% team involvement
team - building


It is important to make an evaluation with each small group and then close with group sharing.

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Submitted by Álvaro Díaz Cuevas on

This tool could be really useful to raise the self-awareness about Leadership and Team-work competences.
Is important to let enough time for the deebriefing... and to let the people think about a little bit.

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