Badensia and Colonia

Type of tool: 
90-120 min
Topics addressed: 
Project management

A simulation of project management, in which building a matching partnership becomes the challenge to answer all needs and demands.

Step by step process: 

The participants are divided into 5 groups.
The handouts describe both in English and in French the profiles of the five groups and the steps to follow.

PART 1: Read carefully the profile of your group and discuss your needs, define the objectives and start to discuss first project ideas. It is up to you to identify partners with whom you can realize a common project. For that you are allowed to send messages through the official post(wo)men. When you have identified your partner(s) prepare yourself for a first meeting. Each partner can only send one representative to this meeting.

PART 2: During this meeting you should formulate the objectives of your common project and plan the project. You only have 8 minutes then you go back to your groups and discuss with them the outcomes of the meeting and agree on the project. Then start to realize the project. All partners should be equally included in the realization of the project.
You may exchange as many messages as you need with your partners (through the postmen) and are entitled for another meeting among representatives of your groups.
The project must be submitted at exactly 11 am.

Materials and resources: 

Paper, cardboard, scissors, pens, glue, etc.

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