24 September 2016

TF Malta 2016

Agenda completed or not yet available.

Welcome to the second National Tool Fair to be held in Malta! This event is being organised by the EUPA (European Union Programmes Agency) and... »»
I have designed the Tool fair because I was convinced that the non-formal education field was really creative, innovative and useful for education in... »»
Dear friends and collaborators, Welcome to the second edition of the National Tool Fair Malta taking place on Saturday 24th September 2016. It is... »»

The Maltese National Tool Fair aims to provide an open learning space whereby participants will have the opportunity to present tools for non-formal learning they are currently utilising, whilst sharing and learning from their peers. The participants presenting the most creative and effective Tool have the possibility to present their tool during the 11th International Tool Fair to be held between the 7th and 12th November 2016 in Malta.

The theme aims to address "Tools for Solidarity and Inclusion", through innovative youth work approaches. Tool Fair XI shall focus on displaying and promoting specially developed non-formal learning tools for reaching out to and supporting young people at risk of marginalisation and social exclusion - including NEETs, young people with a migrant or refugee background - in acquiring the necessary skills and competences that can help promote their active participation in society and the workplace. Participating in Tool Fair XI offers chances to shape educational and experiential pathways, to run a workshop to share tools for learning with colleagues from the international level as well as to participate in workshops by others. However, beyond merely experiencing a wide variety of tools for learning, the Tool Fair aims to provide a space to reflect on tools, give and receive feedback and pave the way for their transferability and further development.

We invite people from different sectors such as public and private, to discuss about the transferability of tools into different sectors. Tool Fair is particularly directed at:

  • Youth workers
  • Trainers, facilitators, coaches
  • Youth leaders, leaders of youth groups or representatives of youth organisations
  • Representatives of formal education working with youth
  • Business sector representatives working with youth