LEARNING ZONE - new approaches to language courses for migrants and refugees

Learning Zone consortium of organisations: CAZALLA Intercultural (Spain), ALTO GUADALENTIN (Spain), REPLAY NETWORK (Italy), ISOLAVERDE (Italy), HORS PISTES (France), CRI PACA (France).
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GUIDEBOOK LEARNING ZONE shares cause for reflection, methodological approaches and pedagogical-educational tools for supporting migrants and refugees integration through second language learning paths. The Guidebook addresses teachers, trainers, educators, psychologists, volunteers, anyone involved in the support of second language learning, as well as those who provide learning paths for migrants. The Guidebook is developed on 6 chapters: 1. DIVERSITY IN THE GROUP OF LEARNERS is dedicated to the diversity that can be found within the group of ‘adult migrant learners’, including specific learning needs. 2. ADULT AND NON-FORMAL EDUCATION is dedicated to non-formal education and its connection to adult education; it explores the role of ‘facilitator' along with learner-centred approaches. 3. FACILITATING A SAFE LEARNING ENVIRONMENT explores how to create a safe learning environment that supports motivation and learning. 4. TACKLING INTERCULTURALITY goes deeply into the concept of 'intercultural learning' and explores several theories for reflection. 5. FACILITATING LANGUAGE LEARNING IN THE IMMERSIVE CONTEXT draws the differences between teaching foreign language and teaching the language of the host society, in an immersive context. 6. BECOMING ACTIVE IN THE COMMUNITY is dedicated to providing suggestions and ideas to facilitators on how learners can get active their new communities, a major source of language development and integration for the migrants and refugees. The Guidebook Learning Zone was developed in the context of the EUROPEAN PROGRAMME ERASMUS+ KA2 Adult Education Strategic Partnerships.
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