12-16 November 2018 | Split, Croatia

International Tool Fair XIII

Agenda completed or not yet available.

Dear participants,  The Croatian National Agency is proud to host the 13th international edition of Tool Fair, collecting the baton from our... »»
Welcome! Welcome dear Tool Fairers!! We hope that you are not too superstitious about the number 13... Don’t you worry if you are!! You will only... »»
Welcome to Tool Fair XIII. The Tool Fair is an opportunity to showcase, explore, critique, develop, adapt and ultimately to adopt Tools for Learning... »»

  Tools Workshops are the backbone of the Tool Fair. This is where participants get to test, try, explore, develop and adapt tools for learning to... »»
  Tools-to-Explore sessions are an opportunity for participants to go deeper into understanding and developing tools around a particular theme or sub... »»
  Tools Market is an opportunity to share a broader range of tools, publications and ideas brought by the participants. Not all of the proposals can... »»
 Tool Fair Talks are the Tool Fair equivalent of TED Talks. We are constantly looking for presenters who understand the field and the theme of the... »»
 Critical Friends are a well-established feature of the Tool Fair. All those who will be selected to present their tool for learning in a workshop,... »»
 A tool selected to be presented for a workshop in the program of the Tool Fair XIII can vary in terms of duration from 1h30 and 2h00.  The aim of it... »»
  SALTO resource centres are a well known support tool in the development of theoretical base and practice of non formal education. In this year's... »»