Digital Youth Work: Dig-It Up!

Raphaela Blassnig, Michele Di Paola, Joanna Wronska
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This publication is one of the outcomes of the 2017 edition of the training course Dig-It Up! - the European training course funded by Erasmus+ / Youth in Action TCA and aimed at youth workers interesting in learning and improving practical skills regarding digital youth work. It has been published by Agenzia Nazionale Giovani, the Italian National Agency for Erasmus+ / Youth in Action. In these pages you will find insights, recommendations and guidelines coming from the ongoing European debate on digital youth work, enriched by the contribution of Dig-It up! trainers’ team and participants; you will find information on EU and EC steps in defining and supporting digital youth work, either in terms of statements and documents, and in terms of studies and official collection of best practices, among which we are pleased to count our training course, too. The publication also contains examples and out-takes from the training course’s programme, to show how digital youth work activities can be designed and delivered with simple means and tools, even outdoors. We also collected a set of good practices shared and presented by some participants, together with their profiles, expectations and evaluations of the training course. To learn more visit the website
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