Edward Hamilton

Title Of Tool

Percussion Workshop - Tool Fair 2016


8,9,10,11th November (11th November Presentation/Exhibition)

 Duration / Room

1 hour per session / Karozzin

Workshop Outline

This percussive workshop is composed of several team building exercises revolving around community drumming and is based on inclusion through music. Open to any one who wishes to join, regardless if one posses prior musical experience. Through this workshop, the group will be guided in building their own percussions and shakers, learn basic theory of community drumming as well as preparing one percussive track to be performed and exhibited at the last date of this event. 


Creating a safe space where participants may feel free to release any blocked emotions through the playing of their drums and percussions. Creating a space for Inclusion for any one who wishes to experience the benefits of a team building exercise through music.
Inspiring people to pick up a musical instrument and also to create a community space where we all work together towards one goal. 

The Spirit/Motto

One Beat, One Community - add to the Rhythm of life!

Method Description/Programme

Day 1: Building Your Own Percussive Set Up
Dedicated to the building of our equipment and instruments. This will be an Up-cycling, Recycling and Creative session, going through basic beats and ending the session in a musical jam.

Day 2: The ‘We Will Rock You’ Beat Workshop.
Participants will learn the basic theory needed to be able to lead and follow within a drum circle using the popular beat from Queens’ song ‘We will rock you’. We will also engage in a few paradiddles and drumming techniques.

Day 3: Call & Repeat Workshop.
The facilitator creates patterns on the main percussion and the participants, in turn and cohesively, repeat and return the call. This session revolves around creating freedom and letting go of self judgment within a social environment.

Day 4: The Exhibition.
Through a combination of all previous sessions we shall share a brief musical piece relating to our experience together.

What can you get participating to this exploration?

The satisfaction of bringing people together through music as well as adding to my experience as a host. The satisfaction of creating a safe environment for self expression.