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BidibiBODYbibu (fr)

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120+ min

BidibiBODYbibu est une évolution d'une autre activité surtout connu comme "le fax". Des équipes de six membres ont la tâche de reproduire une image complexe avec le plus de détails possible. Chacun d'eux a des capacités et des limites de l'interaction.


Reproducing a complex image with as much details as possible is the goal of the activity for a team of 6 members. Basically it is an activity used during training sessions about communication within an organisation. Being quite interactive and complex a lot results can come out about interpersonal communication, strategy, team working (especially rules management and task division).


The activity is based on a cooperative learning approach. Everyone succeeds when the group succeeds. Participants must fully participate and put forth effort within their group. Each group member has a task/role/responsibility therefore must believe that they are responsible for the achievement of his/her task and that of their group. The activity tackles the social skills that must be exercised in order for successful cooperative learning to occur.
Skills include effective communication, interpersonal and group skills
1. Leadership
2. Decision-making
3. Trust-building
4. Communication
5.Conflict-management skills
Positive interdependence among participants is a key element of the activity. All group members must be involved in order for the group to complete the task. In order for
this to occur each member must have a task that they are responsible for which cannot be completed by any other group member.

Étape par étape: 

BidibiBODYbibu can be played in 2 or more groups of 6 people. They will have 6 different roles inside each group. Each role has its own rules to follow. The task of each group is to reproduce a drawing as more precise as possible. Only one of 6 members will see the picture.
Each group has basically 20 minutes, but each team has the possibility to increase its time, obtaining some time-bonus, thanks to the role of one of the members, focused on passing some tests.
The activity is developed in 3 rooms, one for the EYES, one for the HANDS and one for MR/MS TIME.

The 6 roles are the following ones:

EYE: has in its hands the drawing that the HAND has to reproduce (HAND is in an other room). It cannot move and it has to stay on its chair. It can talk with everybody.

HAND: has to reproduce a drawing that it cannot see. It is still in its room and it cannot move. It can talk with the VOICE and Mr./Ms. YES/NO.

VOICE: is the person through which the EYE and the HAND communicate. It can talk with
everybody but it cannot see because is blind. It can move from one room to another but only with the help of the FOOT.

FOOT: You are accompanying the VOICE. You can see but you cannot communicate
with anybody. You can move from one room to another, also without the VOICE.

MR/MS YES-NO: can move and see. It can talk saying only YES or NO and answering only to precise questions from the other members implying a yes or a no. MR/MS TIME : can move, see and talk with everybody apart from the HAND. It has to gain some extra time for its group, passing some tests given by a trainer. Every test passed will give access to a time-bonus, that has to be delivered to the trainer in the HAND’s room.

Before starting, the teams have 3 minutes for splitting the different charges/roles
inside their group. After this time they have to move to their room to start the game.

Matériel et ressources: 

Video projector,
Speakers for music,
3 rooms,
1 pc,
4 pencils,
4 eraser (rubbers),
4 little squared or round tables,
Chairs (equal to the number of participants),
4 ropes,
6+6+6+6 sticks (straws will be ok),
4 balls of different colours,
Some white A4 paper,
Some white A3 paper,
Some printing will be necessary for the maps of the game,
4 alarm timers (the ones you use for calculating time while cooking),
4 bandages,
2 helping people,

6 green paper vest with roles’ signs,
6 blue paper vest with roles’ signs,
6 pink paper vest with roles’ signs,
6 orange paper vest with roles’ signs,

6 detailed rules on green paper for the green team,
6 detailed rules on blue paper for the blue team,
6 detailed rules on pink paper for the pink team,
6 detailed rules on orange paper for the orange team,

Time bonus on green paper,
Time bonus on blue paper,
Time bonus on pink paper,
Time bonus on orange paper,

Mr Time questions on green paper,
Mr Time questions on blue paper,
Mr Time questions on pink paper,
Mr Time questions on orange paper,

1 green A3 paper with Mr TIME possible choices,
1 blue A3 paper with Mr TIME possible choices,
1 pink A3 paper with Mr TIME possible choices,
1 orange A3 paper with Mr TIME possible choices,

1 room sign for EYES room,
1 room sign for HANDS room,
1 room sign for MR TIME room.


Dynamism and enthusiasm are the most visible effects of this activity. Thanks to the different discussions in groups and by roles (and the following debriefing if needed), the analysis of these dynamics brings to a comparison and a connection with everyday life (within the working group, organisation, institution, group of friends etc...), spotlighting the elements needed for a positive interdependence. Like in everyday life, we need other people but it is not easy to work together!


2 different spaces for debriefing, one following a discussion by (colour) team and the other a discussion by roles (Hands, Eyes, Feet,... etc...), will accompany the self evaluation of the activity (see tips in handouts)

Notes pour une utilisation ultérieure: 

A video of the activity is available.

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