Venue and info pack

The TOOL FAIR will be held at the Dead Sea Isrotel Ganim Hotel.

You can take a look at the venue here:

How to get there?

You should take into consideration that we will begin our program on May 30th, at 20:30 right after dinner. The Israeli EMYU provides a bus that will leave from Tel Aviv and will go through Ben Gurion (TLV) airport. A second bus will leave from Jerusalem.

EMYU Bus timetable:

30 May -

1) Tel Aviv central train station 16:00; TLV Airport 17:00. Arrival at the venue at 19:00 for check-in and dinner. 

Important: There will not be a stop in Jerusalem on the way to the venue. If you plan to get to the venue by yourself, make sure to be there on May 30th, by 19:00. 

2 June -

Ganim Hotel 11:00; Jerusalem central bus station 12:30; TLV Airport 13:00-13:15; Tel Aviv Savidor central train station 14:00.

If you plan to arrive by yourself, you can take a look here for busses leaving from Tel Aviv, Jerusalem and Beer Sheva: Please note that public transportation is not available on weekends. Please plan accordingly.

Accomodation at the venue: Accomodation is in double rooms.

Available downloads: