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Take a look at the tools uploaded by the Tool Fair XII participants that will be showcased during the "Working with tools" sessions


  • "CHANGING MINDS, SAVING LIVES" - HEY CES-S Humanitarian Education YouthWork in Crisis and Extremism Situations and Societies


    CHANGING MINDS,SAVING LIVES-HEY CES-S:Youth/Society InterpretSituations from HumanitarianPerspective-Develop-Awareness-CriticalThinking-Empower-Values-Attitudes-Skills-Care-RespectHumanLife-MeOthers;InnovativeEducatPreventative Tool ofLearning &Dev

  • "Do No Harm" principle in project management

    Oleksandr Fomichov

    "Do No Harm" principle, using for local context in different countries can avoid negative effect from the social projects and make reachable results more concrete and viable.


    Calistru Mihaela

    Active-participatory methods emphasize cooperative learning, being antithetical to traditional learning methods. Education for participation helps students to express their options in the field of education, culture, leisure, can become .

  • Appartment to Let

    Natalia Seriakova

    This simulation game is recommended to be used in an international group where differences between value systems are more noticeable. Apartment is based on the personal and cultural values of the participants involved.

  • AppRaiser - 360° professional development appraisal service for trainers

    Nerijus Kriauciunas

    AppRaiser is a web solution for a professional development appraisal for trainers. AppRaiser virtual environment offers trainers to complete self-assessment of their professional competences, collect external feedback from others and plan their learning.

  • Approach to my Identity

    Andrea Jantschko

    Young People build awareness about themselves and find out, that they do not only belong to only one social Group (like nationality) but to various kinds of Groups with people having similar Backgrounds, interests, talents and more .....

  • Arthiefact

    Giulia Degortes Caivano

    Arthiefact is a tabletop card game developed during the 2017 edition of the EduGaming project. Its aim is to give players some basic practical knowledge about art and its language, and to "train the eye" at proactively analyzing paintings.

  • Badge Wallet mobile application

    Nerijus Kriauciunas

    Badge Wallet is a simple and secure way to earn, store, manage and share your achievements using digital Open Badges issued through Badgecraft ( Badge Wallet enables digital recognition of skills and achievements for anyone.

  • BELIEVE - Make it don with fun!

    Inga Muska

    Method is based on activity which i call "BELIEVE". Method include 7 levels - Basics, Emotions, Love, Identity, Expression, Vision, Environment. You choose one goal to resolve, where you don't seen how to achieve it. After activity you have resolution.

  • Case Clinic

    Simona Obreja

    Case Clinic is a tool used in the Virtual Coaching Circles at MIT, Boston, Massachussttes. It consisists of: stating an intention, moment of stillness and observation, mirroring stage, generative dialogue, closing remarks and Capturing Key Takeaways.

  • Change is in us!

    Linda Çavdarbasha

    Environmental education is a powerful tool for addressing environmental and social issues.Can help increase knowledge, build skills, influence behavior change, promote personal lifestyle, and contribue to a lower ecological footprint.

  • Citizen Journalist Initiative

    Dragana Petrushevska

    The Citizen Journalist Initiative is tool for all citizens who want to express their opinions about the issues they find interesting or worth to be discussed in public.

  • Competence games - 8KEYCOM

    Ginta Salmina

    8KEYCOM is a tool that includes 9 games. Each of them is specially focused on one of the 8 key competences, and all of them include various NFE elements – simulations, discussions, individual work, group work etc.

  • Create your glog

    Emilia Alexe

    It is a digital tool that we can use to collaborate, to make a presentation such as a short description, a poster, a review.You can create your own multimedia poster.
    First step is to create an account and as a teacher add a class for students.

  • Dear friends - Letter exchange as an intercultural and multilingual tool

    Maura Tripi

    The letter exchange is a technique useful for different contexts: it can be used in a multilingual way, with a technological support, involving local and foreign children, youngsters, adults.

  • Dys-Team, Dys-Play, Dys-Cuss.

    Mary Rose Formosa

    Our tool is an innovative way of raising awareness on dyslexia and positive self-esteem. The strength of our tool is the 2 videos that have been scripted by the youth themselves. A way to start a conversation about dyslexia. Are you ready to listen?

  • E. M. Goldratt's The Pre-requisite Tree

    Lianne Teder

    The aim is to find the way with small group of people to find solution for irresolvable problem. Five steps to find solution will be exercised in workshop.

  • Elf Around

    Sari Juvani

    Elf Around is a concept of short term EVS (6 weeks) in social inclusion and cooperation with the local community, public authorities and the third sector.

  • Encourage children's expression about terrorism


    Following the January 2015 Paris attacks, PAV and the French Foundation (Fondation de France / FAVT) have developed a project to encourage school children to express themselves around the issue of terrorism.

  • Games


    It is a contex of 3 kind of games , 1 of category of warm up games, 1 for familiarity, 1 for energy the group
    It is include the aim of each game and how can you play , the roles of participatns and the results.

  • Getting started with Internet of Things


    Internet of things is a new trend in technology that will be soon part of our daily life. One day, we will have to teach it at school. The tool is designed to teach the concept to any one regardless of their background in an entrepreneurial way.

  • Gift Giving Experience

    Lama Zeinoun Tabet

    The Gift Giving experience tool is a practical method that allows participants to experience how Design Thinking can be used to create innovative solutions to problems or needs

  • GlobaLab - Six Steps to Global Citizenship

    Aga Byrczek

    This publication has as a main goal to provide a framework of competencies young people around Europe need to further develop and strengthen, so they can cope better in an interconnected globalized world and offer the practical tools to work with.

  • Intercultural games : “The cockerel that goes: Cockadoodledoo !” + multilingual riddles game + world music Blind Test

    Romane Lescot

    We will be presenting 3 games we have created. These games work on multilingualism and centre on the theme of interculturality.

  • Keys of Solution

    Réka Szirtesi-Nagy

    The tool consists of a map, keys and cards. It is possible to be used in a problem solving or solution seeking situation. By using the map, picking cards and picking keys it is much easier and better to find many solutions to a problem, dilemma.

  • Learning Map

    Sérgio Gonçalves

    The main aim of this tool is to allow users to create their own map of competences, using Open Badges, which will allow them to track their learning and plan better what else to learn.

  • Manipulators - manipulative techniques in media

    Monica Valenti

    The main aim of the activity is to increase critical thinking of young people and to help them to recognize manipulative techniques often used in media.

  • Metaplan Cards

    Riyad Mustafa

    If you are a trainer and you want to work effectively with participants you need to use meta-plan cards! It makes the training more effective!

  • Non-Academic Transcript

    Aytaç Uzunlas

    Non-Academic Transcript is a tool to be aware of learning outcomes of the activities.

  • Pamela (Poetry and Music Equals Legendary Art

    Zrinka Suk

    Tool is focused on self expression of an individual through arts by bringing attention to different social issues.It creates a fruitful environment for a dialogue & gives opportunity to speak up about social injustices in an innovative way.

  • Pictures At An Exhibition

    Ilektra Diakolamprianou

    "Pictures At An Exhibition" is an experiential group activity that helps participants explore the concepts of change and loss as well as the ways in which they cope with them in their lives.

  • Robot Puppet Theatre Play

    Ana Vlah

    Robot Puppet Theater Plays connect STEM with art classes, literature and critical thinking. It is aimed for both elementary and high school students. Based on collaboration, communicaiton and motivational approach, students program their own theater play.

  • Singularity

    Miroslav Wranka

    A live action role-playing game. Humans and androids on the verge of conflict. How to resolve it? The game deals with the impact of technology on human society but also relates to issues of prejudice influenced thinking and social inclusion.

  • Solidier: World Waste Map (WWM) - Tool for raising awareness on Municipal SOLID Waste Management (MSWM)

    Gadir Huseynov

    As the International Solid Waste Association (ISWA) Young Professionals Group (YPG), we co-organized the YPG special session at the ISWA World Congress 2017, took place in the USA. By using results of World Waste Survey, we created World Waste Map.

  • SumoRobot (by Robokoding)

    Pasquale Lanni

    The SumoRobot is a tool which allows two robots to compete on a SumoField, in a similar fashion to the sport of sumo. It enables kids and teenagers to learn the basics of programming, electronics and robotics in a fun and interactive way.


    Marco Farina

    “Tell me about your journey” is a non formal education activity enhancing the sharing with the participants of migration journey’s experiences, stimulating empathy."

  • The Expression of Needs

    Mathias Mellaerts

    An educational and playful tool designed as a medium for the identification, expression and reflection of human needs.

  • The Game Design

    Ceyhun UZUN

    The Game Design tool was created in 2017 and firstly used in “Games 4 US!” Project. This tool is useful to develop new learning games, techniques-methods and multiply the innovation of new learning tools.

  • We are different

    Snezhana Dobreva

    There are lots of people who live in different background. Some people have everything, other ones - nothing. This groups sometimes are not able to understand others.
    The main aim of this activity/role game is to make people more tolerant.