The ZORG Game

Type of tool: 
60-90 min
Topics addressed: 
Conflict management

To create empathy between children between 10 and 13 years old, in city, in poor area by team work and collaboration.


Soft skills, special groups, card games.

Step by step process: 


-Everyone, maximum 4 players or 4 team of players, play with 7 cards.
-At every turn, the player draws a card on the cards and plays one card of his/her hand.
- When he /she plays one card, the card is going in front of him on the table, he/she is starting to create his community.
-The player plays the skills of the character.
-Every skill is written on the cards with the name of the character and the citizen name.
-Everyone is playing until no more cardis left in the middle.
-The one who has the biggest community in the end, is the winner.

The cards of the characters are attached. Please, download and cut the cards to play. Questions for reflection and debreifing are also attached.

Materials and resources: 

Cards of the characters


The game was tested during the training course- Game in Action, funded by Erasmus+, with team players.
We realized than having Marc like character was useful.
Finally, one of the players gave us the ultimo answer, every character has his skills, but they need each other to be powerful. That is the idea we wanted to discuss than in the end the difference is a power for the community. Everyone is without prejudge, and all skills helps the community.
To create collaboration between the children, it will be nice to play with team and the ending discussion is a team work .
The game can’t be without the questions, and the discussion, if not it’s just a strategy and enjoying game.
The evolution of the game and the discussion can create empathy and consciousness of the real liufe.

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