Youth Taboo

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90-120 min
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European programmes

A well known boardgame that modified by the youngsters themselves to disseminate information about specific topics and learning through playing.


Create a promotion tool with the young people who are the decision makers during the all creation processes of the tool which is about youth and youth opportunities including YouthBank Program. The creation process and implementations of the tool will provide young people space for their socialization with their peers while providing information about youth opportunities, democracy, ecology, vluntarism and YouthBank program in general.


Peer learningDiscovery learningLearning through playing 

Step by step process: 

About the game:Youth Taboo which is basically adapted from Taboo, word guessing game, into the youth field.As in the classic Taboo game the objective of the Youth Taboo game is; for a player to have their partners, guess the word on the player's card without using the word itself or five additional words listed on the card.However, in youth taboo all the word that are chosen are related with the youth issues and opportunities that are selected by the youth itself.Also different than the classic Taboo game, in Youth Taboo we have some tip texts at the bottom of the cars. All of these tip texts are also about the topics that are chosen by the young participants such as youth opportunities like Erasmus+ EVS program. According to the game one can use that tip texts in order to guess the words that the team needs to find. In that way, during the game we are expecting to provide information about youth opportunities to young people without any kind of formal education methods. Stage of AnnouncementFor the creation of the game at first we are makin an announcement in order to invite young people between 15-30 years old to create the game all together in our local center in Eskişehir with an activity that will continue for 2 days. In this announcement we are asking them about the topics that they want to get more information, and also we are providing them a space in order to decide the days of the activity by themselves.  Stage of Training and CreationAfter the announcement we are developing our program with the facilitators and the trainers. During the training we are providing volunteer participants some information about the topics that are chosen by them through the announcement survey, and we are explaining our goals that drive us to create this game. At the training, after each informational session that are going to be conducted by non-formal education tools, we will have sessions to create the game.For the creation of the cards, after each informational session we are making word clouds by asking young people about the what is the meaning the concept to them in one word. Than we are making groups that are containing 3 people. In these groups one of people has the responsibility to describe the word, one of them has to try to guess the word, and the other one needs to write down the words and sentences that the person is using while try to describe the word. These sentences and the words that they are using in this process will composed the words on the cards that cannot be usable. And when they find 5 words as the tabu words, they are writing a sentence as the tip text of the cards. Stage of DisseminationAfter a two days training and creation process we have the first version of our new game which are created by the young people and for the young people. We already made the first implementation of it at the Summer Camp of Youth Bank in Eskişehir, in which almost 30 young participants joined from different cities of Turkey. After this first implementation we took the feedbacks of the gamers and now we are revising the game and will make our adjustments for the final publication of it.YouthBank Program and Tepebaşı Youth Center will publish the Youth Taboo game and the game will be shared with all of the 14 local organizations that are running YouthBank Program in different cities of Turkey. We are also support dissemination of the tool by reaching our partners through our Eurodesk Network. Through the dissemination of the game between young people they will be attracted, they will be acknowledged about the youth related topics and opportunities in a creative way which will sustain their interest and motivation. It will also provide a space for them to come together and socialized 

Materials and resources: 

Chairs and tables for participants,Board and boardmarker,Some paper and pencils,High table,One board game set for each group


After the publication of Youth Taboo, it will be disseminated in Tepebaşı Youth Center and TOG through its program YouthBank that are running in 14 different cities. Both institutions will use this new tool to promote their activities and youth opportunities. By creating a game published and with its planned effects for the institutions, the continuation will be guaranteed.Knowledge gained about youth opportunitiesEcological awarenessActive citizenship


The Taboo Game will be created by young people and that method will ensure that it will be attracting for most of other young people and the needs of young people to socialize and to be decision makers will be ensured. After creation process, the numbers of young volunteers reached by this tool called as Youth Taboo will be tracked, there will be evaluation tools about the game (on progress) and and it will be used as an introduction tool for TOG and Tepebaşı for their activities. Regularly, there will be evaluations from young people who are playing the game to follow up the effects of the game on young people and according the regular assessment of these evaluations, this tool will be revised by trying to find local and national resources for republications.

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