Youth Participation Toolbox

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0-30 min
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Youth policies

GaYA’s Youth Participation Toolbox aims to provide insight and show the path to creating youth participation processes. The package includes ‘Thoughts, Models and Methods’ brochure, case studies, Try Different Cards, Youth Participation Canvas, 3 posters.


This toolbox was developed to inspire and guide decision- and policy-makers in designing new democratic methods of involving young people in decision-making processes at the local level.


Youth participation

Step by step process: 

Please refer to the uploaded document to see the descriptions of instructions for all the elements of the tool that are described under the “Objectives”.

Materials and resources: 

Computer and a beamer for a presentation of the components of the tool and how it was used in the local community where our youth center works – in Idrija.


The Municipality has adopted a youth strategy giving young people a strong say in how they want to see the future development of the city. In the first half of 2015, secondary data gathering, statistical analyses, document reviews, 15 half-structured interviews with representatives of all youth organisations and organisations for young people, and an online survey with almost 300 respondents were concluded in order to obtain a holistic insight into the position of young people of the Municipality of Idrija. After the in-depth analysis, three strategic challenges (employment, housing, participation) were identified and selected for this strategy.


The best way to get an overview of the possibilities that the tool offers is to read through the case studies, because it has various possibilities of use within each local community depending on their current issues.

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