Young People & Extremism: A Resource Pack for Youth Workers

Type of tool: 
120+ min
Topics addressed: 
Prevention of radicalisation

This resource focuses on youth work as a specific approach and practice in response to the risk of young people becoming involved in violent extremism. It emphasizes citizenship as a way of engaging with young people to counter the risks of extremism.


The resource pack aims to provide theoretical and practical support to youth workers, as well as providing information and insight to policymakers, youth and education practitioners and other organisations involved in tackling extremism.


The resource pack examines the way young people are perceived more broadly in society, and how this can influence our engagement with them on the issue of violent extremism. Theoretical approaches including civic youth work and action research are presented as methods that can offer ways to explore the issue in partnership with young people. The resource also explores the role of youth work with an international dimension. Throughout the pack questions are provided to aid critical reflection and help practitioners think about the best way to apply these ideas in their local context and with the young people they work with. Also included in the pack are a number of case studies to show how some of these techniques have been put into practice.

Step by step process: 

The main resource pack is divided into 6 parts as follows:
Part 1: Perspectives of young people
Part 2: Understanding the causes of extremism
Part 3: How youth work can make a difference
Part 4: Identifying youth at risk
Part 5: Youth worker responses to extremism
Part 6: Using the Erasmus+ Programme framework

Included  are 8 tools and 5 case studies, which can be adapted in a variety of ways and for a range of settings, and are directly linked to the ideas and theoretical approaches discussed in the pack. In addition there is an accompanying resource pack of Additional Materials with further tools and exercises that young workers can use together with young people to explore a wide range of themes including identity, values, intercultural understanding and diversity, belonging and community and conflict resolution. This additional pack also includes inspirational case studies which highlight some of the approaches referred to in the main resource such as active citizenship, mentoring and peer education.


A draft version of the resource pack was initially presented during a workshop at the Malta ToolFair in November 2016. This session focused on 2 elements of the resource pack by providing an introduction to Civic Youth Work & demonstrating the Veil Exercise cited in the main resource before taking time to get participants’ feedback. Those attending were positive about the quality of the resource and found it both relevant and accessible. While time was too short to explore the content at a deeper level during this workshop it was felt that the resource pack contains enough starter information for readers to do some further exploration of the ideas that are put forward and to try out some of the tools that are included. Going forward SALTO CD is exploring the possibility of further seminars or workshops that explore the civic youth work foundations of the main resource pack and that model some of the tools outlined in both resource packs so that youth workers can see how they can be used and gain confidence to adapt them to their own setting. In addition, SALTO CD is keen to get feedback on both resources and find out how people use them. Please contact Miro Fernandez to share your thoughts via

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