Young Leaders & Advocates Program

Type of tool: 
Energizer - Icebreaker
60-90 min
Topics addressed: 
Intercultural learning

This four week program intends to provide participants with the resources and reflection space necessary for them to understand what it means to be a good leader & advocate, and give them guidance on how to develop the required skills to become one.


The objective of this training is to allow people to practice their English and communication skills while learning about leadership and advocacy in an intercultural setting.


This is an e-learning and peer learning training that is developed online. Participants are required to read and watch some resources included in their YLA Program workbook, they are asked to reflect upon some questions, and every weekend they have a dialogue session where they get together to discuss about each week's resources.

Step by step process: 

Week 1: “Leadership”
(2 facilitators needed for dialogue session)
During week one, participants will get introduced to the concept of leadership. They will do so through videos and readings that will deepen their understanding about leadership values, styles, and motivations. These resources will be available on YouthID’s website.

Week 2: “Advocacy” the importance of objectivity for good advocacy.
(2 facilitators needed for dialogue session)
During the second week, participants will learn about the importance of objectivity and critical thinking when defending a cause, and doing quality research to defend it objectively.

Week 3: “Dialogue and Public Speaking Techniques”
(2 facilitators needed for dialogue session)
During the third week, participants will learn techniques needed to lead a fruitful dialogue and become effective public speakers. It is good to have a cause, but it is better when you know how to defend it publicly.

Week 4: “Practice Week”
(2 facilitators needed for dialogue session)
This week participants will be preparing their presentation for the final session. During this session participants will present their cause using the media of their choice, and they will present an action plan to contribute to their cause.

Materials and resources: 

For this program we use the Zoom platform with a Premium account and a digital workbook to share the resources. We also need to hire facilitators who will guide the discussions week by week (2 facilitators per week).


The expected results for our participants after completing this program is for them to become more engaged with the causes that they care about, to have learned more about what it takes to be a good leader and be interested in developing the required skills further. We also expect participants become more comfortable dialoguing in English, speaking in front of strangers, and we hope the experience changes their stereotypes of other cultures and raises their interest for having experiences abroad, be it an exchange or a volunteer mission.


This December we are running our first Young Leaders& Advocates program. We are in the process of evaluating what is working well and what methodologies could be improved. We are also using questionnaires at the beginning and ending of the program to evaluate how certain perceptions of the discussed topics change for the participants, and what benefits have they acquired from the program.

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