Women in EuroMed

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Multimedia tool – Report
120+ min
Topics addressed: 
Gender issues
Social inclusion

This report takes origin from the training course «Place and Role of Women in EuroMed», the idea of which arouse for the purpose of providing a basic knowledge on gender equality and giving some suggestions in different approaches to the theme.


Reflecting and sharing about the place and roles of women in the Euromed area.


The seminar provided technical and juridical information about the present situation of women in the EuroMed context, in reference to national and local political lines and to the international acts and conventions above mentioned. The analysis was made through the experts’ contribution (representatives of the political, cultural, economic life as well as social society in EuroMed realities). These interventions provided paths for reflection in a process based on non-formal education and participant - centered methodologies.
Various techniques and methods were therefore used in order to meet the different learning styles of the participants - from the cognitive to the emotional and the behavioral learning
as well as their different thinking styles - the visual, the auditory and the kinesthetic ones
- by combining active workshops of different kinds with contributions of experts.
The activities were constructed on the purpose of allowing both individual and group learning
processes: according to the objectives of the different workshops and with a constant attention to the overall learning flow. The participants were asked to work individually,
in buzz or small groups and in plenary, so to allow a deeper and more complete valorisation
of their abilities in the reflection – interaction – discussion framework.

Step by step process: 

See the attached report (PDF) as documentary source.

Materials and resources: 

See the attached report (PDF) as documentary source.

Notes for further use: 

A video report about EMPOWERING WOMEN II could be consulted in the section Embed Media. It is not the report of this Training Course WOMEN IN EUROMED.

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