"What's this for?!" A reflection on the methods we use (or don't use) during training events

Type of tool: 
90-120 min
Topics addressed: 
Project management

How do we typically design and deliver events for learners, so that they have a great and impactful experience from beginning to end? Are we aware of the pros and cons of the methods we choose to use? You are invited to meet, share and reflect together!


Being able to select the right activities which will allow us to be effective and in-tune with participants of our events can make or break the success of that event.

This workshop will not be based on a single tool per se but will be mostly an exploration, learning from and supporting further development of practice and methods of working with young people and other groups of learners.

It will abide with these themes of the Tool Fair:
- Practice and methods
- Practices, tools, approaches for education and training of youth workers
- Tools that youth workers use to work with young people


This workshop will be based primarily on peer learning.

Step by step process: 

The expected structure of the workshop will include:

Getting to know each other (basic profile, expectations)
Brainstorming on effective learning design practices
Methods gallery and reflection
Individual input and small group work
Energizing activity
Sharing in plenary
Evaluation of the workshop
Closing activity

Materials and resources: 

A space which allows for participants to sit in circle without obstacles and also to work in small groups. The space should allow for vertical surfaces (walls, windows) to be used as well.

Flipchart with 4 large markers (blue, red, green, black), 100 post-it notes in different colors, appropriate tape or blue-tac to stick paper to a wall/window.


- The participants will be given food-for-thought on why they use the methods they use and what they should be aware of when they choose their methods as part of their Learning Design practices
-The participants will be sharing their experiences with the other participants and exchanging good practices
-The participants will be introduced to methods they might have not been using in their work so far, thus developing their own "toolbox"
-The participants will develop a better understanding of the concept of Learning Design and how it's similar to “hosting dinner” for others.


The methods that will be addressed in the workshop have been repeatedly used and developed through careful and effective training design by the workshop facilitator in training events in the past 12 years. These methods (and the specific activities implemented for them) were either created by others and adjusted by the facilitator or newly created and customized depending on training needs.

The workshop itself will include reflection on the advantages, disadvantages, potentialities and limits of different methods.

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