Type of tool: 
60-90 min
Topics addressed: 

WEB (IN)DIPENDENTE is an interactive trip going through installation and participation activities, aimed at 12 to 18 years old young people, about the conscious use of technology, in order to know about risks and potentiality of the digital world.


The goal is to collect stimuli and feedback to arrive at a definitive realization thanks to the experience gained.
The toolfair is a further opportunity to receive feedback and references on the topic and to compare with other operators to improve the tool.


The tool is based on active participation. An exhibition and interactive space with an experiential character, made up of participative installations, games, video projections, unconventional communication strategies that offer participants a space for reflection, sharing and expression on the theme of new technologies. The possibility of interacting with the installations and therefore leaving their own sign (writing, drawing, building, saying etc.) and their own contribution, also offers a communicative exchange between the participants in the presentation, in order to promote sharing together with their own equal ideas and opinions on the risks and benefits of an instrument that is now fundamental in the life of young people.

Step by step process: 

The presentation of the tool, lasting 60 minutes, is structured as follows:
• Brief introduction on the project
• Presentation of the various participative installations and group activities on the first installation
• Free interaction of the participants with the installations
• Collective final activity
• Time of collection and sharing of contributions from the participants to the installations
• Reflection and evaluation and feedback on the tool itself

Materials and resources: 

The materials are all pre-built and supplied by Stranaidea Cooperative and Orso Cooperative.
A physical space is required for the display of three billboards / panels and a table


To stimulate the participants to reflect on the human condition of constant connection with a virtual world and provide them with useful tools to learn to consciously orient themselves in this world, with all the risks and potentialities that it entails.


The tool is an experimenting phase, therefore a direct comparison is necessary and positive to fully define the potential of the project

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