Transpersonal Intercultural Storytelling

Type of tool: 
60-90 min
Topics addressed: 
Intercultural learning
Personal development

Transpersonal Intercultural Storytelling is a Non formal learning tool designed to explore and reflect on those stories that constitute our Collective Unconscious, increasing our self-knowledge about what makes us really humans anywhere in the world.


The purpose of this tool is to discover, share, and explore in which ways different meaningful stories from all over the world make us think and feel as part of humanity. And through such communal exploration we can recognize who we are as humans and what things do we need to work on to free ourselves from blockages or psychological strains; to recognize with which archetypes do we identify ourselves more and why; and also what our roles could be in our communities and in the planet.
At the same time, by dwelling and listening to how these stories are told, we can learn to interpret them and retell them in our own ways, reshaping them and actualizing them in our own contexts, providing us with meaningful symbolic contents that will help us to know ourselves better, and also our participation in the journey of humanity on Earth.


The methodology consists in experiential learning and circle communication, where we listen and participate by given and passing the word. The exercise is based mainly on orality and memory, as well as active listening, critical thinking, self reflection and relational, symbolic, analogical thinking.
We are also encourage to use our whole senses, body expression, emotional intelligence, and intuition in order to explore the different layers of meaning that each story manifest.

Step by step process: 

We greet each other before forming a circle
Introduction of participants
Introduction of the tool
First Story and example of praxis
Reflection and discussion
Flow of stories and exploration of the symbolic meaning of each one of them
Retelling and interpretation of those stories who where important for us
Synthesis and conclusions
Closing process

Materials and resources: 

We need a clean and empty space (hopefully without noise), where we can sit comfortably (in chairs, pillows, etc.) doing a circle where we can look at each other. In the centre of the circle will be a box where different items symbolize different human archetypes.
We need a mobil board and some markers of diverse colors to write down the relevant issues and symbols that manifest in the circle.


The main outcomes from this learning tool are:

Self-knowledge and self-understanding about the different aspects of our personalities
Better comprehension about how the unconscious influences our personalities
Development of intercultural competences and the capacity to put ourselves in other people's situations
Learning about the immaterial heritage of humanity contained in perennial stories
Learning to interpret symbolic meanings
Learning to share meaningful stories with others and to tell our own version of them
Learning the importance of orality in a digital era


The main evaluation is personal, based on the level of engagement and self-knowledge gained through this process
We can evaluate also the impressions and intercultural understanding developed through the process by asking the participant simple questions
The limits of the tool depend on the language and communication capacities of the participants

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