Type of tool: 
60-90 min
Topics addressed: 
Intercultural learning

A tool for working on communication and transmission of information in an intercultural context within EuroMed frame.


To reflect on how to communicate and transmit the information to other people.


Interaction between participants.
Working groups.

Step by step process: 

Divide the whole group in 3 groups (around 10 persons).
3 people (1 from each group) are seated in chairs, opposite side of the group and turning his/her back to his/her group.
Then, the seated person has a paper and a writer.
Distribute them leaving a large space between both groups.
Each group may agree a history and to divide it in short sentences to say in a common language. Once it is agreed, Team A member stand seated in a chair, while other A Team member approach walking to him, saying slowly the first part. Team A member may write what he/she has understood.
It is convenient that speaking speed will be coherent with walking speed. The rest of the team could observe but cannot help. The seated person may read to the group what he/she has written.
In a second round, speed is faster than in the first sentence, both speaking and walking (seated person could be changed).
Third round should be really fast.
Discussion: debriefing about what have you noticed, what we are talking about. Do you think we are dedicated to communicate or just to transmit?
Power Point about Arnold Toynbee Theory is shared with the group. It is asked to the group to establish a comparison with current situation (4th Phase) in smallest working groups and a debriefing is done at the end. A new discussion could be open at the end, about "What about today...?"

Materials and resources: 

* Audiovisual equipment: laptop/PC + projector + speakers + screen / big wall
* Large room or several rooms closed each other. Many chairs as participants.
* Power Point on Arnold Toynbee's Theory
* Blank paper, flip chart, markers, writers.

Notes for further use: 

Outdoor could be a good option to develop this activity.

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